Our Story

Welcome to Hindusthan Dhaba

A Student turned Entrepreneur with this start up, aims to show the best that a Dhaba can serve to its customers. There is a need to change the way people expect a dhaba to be. Experience of a royal restaurant with the food quality and pricing of a dhaba. There is a great need to set a standard of the concept of a dhaba at a wider platform. Thus, Hindusthan dhaba is set to become a brand in the coming years and that’s where the employees and director shares a common dream.

A brand of a Dhaba can give assurance to the customers about the quality of food and service across its any outlet. This is how Hindusthan Dhaba intend to earn customers in this course. Food is a fundamental source of living, and we always look forward to savour the best we can when it comes to spending significantly on it. So why not get the best of it. Let us bring in a whole new level of satisfaction and experience to our customers in a particularly economic price tag.